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The Mindful Path

The Mindful Path

Mindfulness is away of life, that enables us to see life as it really is. There is wonder and joy in every day if we take time to look for it and appreciate it. I will be sharing my thoughts and mindful musings here , Thank you for reading and sharing my journey.

How old are you?

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“I’ll walk where my own nature would be leading. It vexes me to choose another guide.”  Emily Bronte  ( Author of Wuthering Heights)

Your journey begins afresh everyday. Choosing to stay focussed on your goals so that you can be true to yourself.

I have a challenge for you today, take a piece of paper and write down your age in Big Digits for me the numbers would be 52. Take that piece of paper and place it somewhere you can see it. This is the reality this is how old you are. Children are very proud of their age and will tell anyone down to the last month. As we grow older we are conditioned to be more vague almost ashamed of the passing years. Youth is praised and old age is often feared. Take some time to consider your journey so far, your achievements, the trials you have overcome. The fact that you are still here is something to celebrate. Its sobering to thing  to consider that Elvis Presley died at 42, Mozart was 35, Anne Frank was only 15, Princess Dianna was 36,  and Emily Bronte was just 30. The one thing they all have in common was that they got on with their lives. They made a difference and did not let the criticism of others get the in the way. What is that you want to do? Is anything stopping you?  As you look at your age remind yourself of your dreams and desires. Close your eyes and imagine the best version of yourself content and satisfied. I wish you well on journey may you be encouraged as you travel on.


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Nothing lasts for ever, this thought rather than bring us dismay can fill us with optimism and a sense of adventure. Every day is different our circumstances and moods are always changing. We create our own suffering when we do not accept this, always holding on to things we need to let go of or craving more from a situation that is fleeting. Each day will have moments of joy and peace fun and laughter, mixed with frustration pain and despair. The aim is to move between these states of being with ease, realising that none of them are permanent. When we can manage do this and it does take practice we are better able to either fully enjoy or compassionately endure the present moment. So whatever your day brings hold it lightly because it wont last forever,

The Line of Desire

Thinking Out loud Posted on Tue, August 21, 2018 20:04:09

Most of us want to get where we are going by the shortest route available. Ancient paths have formed as a result engraving their trails across the landscape. These routes are often referred to as ‘lines of desire’ and we return to them often by default. Their familiarity is both comforting and reassuring but the danger is that they can also become restrictive, keeping us literally stuck in the same old ruts doing what we have always done. Making a new mark on the landscape takes time and persistence. So to making new habits for our minds. Changing your mind and challenging unhelpful ways of thinking does not come naturally. We get pulled back on to the old tracks time and time again. It takes courage to leave the familiar path and decide to make your own ‘line of desire’ in tune with what is important for you and what you want your life to look like. You can only start from where you are and then just keep going…


Thinking Out loud Posted on Tue, August 21, 2018 14:06:58

Making a decision to live mindfully is a courageous thing to do. It requires a commitment to practice living in the moment which does not come naturally. Our minds have a tendency to jump ahead or fall behind. I have spent too much time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, Mindfulness has given me an exit point a door way through which I can focus on the present. Many people wonder what is the point of choosing this path and feel they have no control over their thoughts, worries or concerns. The truth is every day we are making choices either consciously or unconsciously to engage with people, activities, and places that either energise or deplete us. Being mindful makes you aware of these choices and then we have an opportunity to either continue or do things differently. My challenge for you today is to do just one thing differently and see what difference it makes.

Thank you for reading my Blog I hope you will find encouragement here to live a full and exciting life.