Making a decision to live mindfully is a courageous thing to do. It requires a commitment to practice living in the moment which does not come naturally. Our minds have a tendency to jump ahead or fall behind. I have spent too much time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, Mindfulness has given me an exit point a door way through which I can focus on the present. Many people wonder what is the point of choosing this path and feel they have no control over their thoughts, worries or concerns. The truth is every day we are making choices either consciously or unconsciously to engage with people, activities, and places that either energise or deplete us. Being mindful makes you aware of these choices and then we have an opportunity to either continue or do things differently. My challenge for you today is to do just one thing differently and see what difference it makes.

Thank you for reading my Blog I hope you will find encouragement here to live a full and exciting life.